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Kisima Trust is a Kenyan Christian charity which supports Kisima Mixed Secondary School, a boarding school for young people from needy families in Northern, Central and Western Kenya.

We believe that the provision of quality secondary education, enabling progression to university or some other form of higher education or vocational training, is one of the most effective ways of giving young people the chance to reach their fullest potential and bring sustainable development and improved livelihoods to their communities.

Kisima School’s first class took their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 2008 and since then 93% of the students have achieved university entrance grades (C+ and above). From 2016 to 2019, every single student has achieved these grades and has qualified for direct entry to university with a loan.  In 2019 Kisima was ranked as the third best performing secondary school in the country, out of 10,287 schools.  Increasing numbers of Kisima alumni have completed university or other training and are now in employment, bringing help and hope to their families and communities.

The story of Kisima is told in this short film: