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Farming activities on the school site offer an important practical experience for Kisima students. The produce also helps to supplement the food stuff that the school buys for meals.

The crops grown include spinach, kale, potatoes, maize, peas and carrots. In addition to this, the school has a greenhouse where tomatoes and cabbages are grown.

All the students are involved in agricultural activities at some point but the Young Farmers’ Club, which meets once a week, has a particularly active role.

DSC07648The Form Four Agriculture students also have a project each year where they are examined on the quality of their crop, how they carry out the exercise and a written report on the activity; examples of the crop grown include onions, carrots and kale.

As well as crops the school has a flock of goats who spend most of the day grazing on the playing field.

School Farm

Farming on a larger scale has become possible since the purchase of a school farm in 2012.  This is a six acre portion of land about 22km from the school.  A large part of the land is used to grow wheat, which is then sold to generate income for the school, while crops such as cabbages and carrots are grown for consumption at school.  In 2015 we were able to buy a tractor and plough, thanks to the generous fundraising efforts of the young people of Christ Church Chorleywood in the U.K. and members of Two Sisters Chapel in Kalmar, Sweden.
IMG_20130918_133903DSC02478Plough Tractor