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Week days

A school day at Kisima is a busy one. Ten lessons of forty minutes plus private study time take up much of the day, but there is also time for sport, clubs and societies and jobs around the school compound.

The students wake up at 5 am to prepare themselves, have breakfast and wash clothes or do other cleaning before getting to class for private study at 7 am.

Morning assembly

Morning Assembly

On Mondays and Fridays there is an assembly at 7.40 am. Students who are members of the Scouts raise the Kenyan flag and everyone sings the national anthem. There is then a Bible reading and prayer and any announcements from the teacher on duty.

Lessons start at 8 am and continue till 4 pm, with a morning tea break and a lunch break in between.

Music and Drama Club

Music and Drama Club

At 4.30 pm, there is time for games (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or clubs and societies (Tuesday and Thursday). The clubs available are Wildlife, Science, Music and Drama, Journalism and Young Farmers, and the societies are Red Cross and Scouting.

Supper is served at 6 pm. After every meal the students are responsible for washing up their own plates and cups and for making sure the dining hall is left clean and tidy.

From 6.50 pm students are back in class for private study and then the day ends with lights off at 10.45 pm.


On Saturdays the students wake up at 6 am and then spend the morning doing private study.

After lunch everyone helps with cleaning in the school buildings and other jobs around the compound, followed by computer lessons for the Form Four class and small group discussions for everyone else.

Copy of IMG_4399bAt 4.30 pm, students attend one of the religious meetings – the Christian Union, the Young Catholic Students group, or the Muslim group. Supper is at 6 pm and the evening is time for entertainment – usually a film shown in the dining hall.

The main activity on Sunday morning is the Sunday service. In the afternoon there is plenty of time for relaxation and games. As well as a variety of sports, students can play board games or read novels from the library.