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Kisima Trust also seeks to support the church in Northern Kenya. This is by facilitating capacity building among the local pastoralist communities for locally sustainable church. We have started this by putting together a collection of christian resource materials to help church leaders gain the necessary capacities in understanding the Bible, ministry cum pastoral and leadership skills for locally sustainable church in the community. This is the beginning of the Christian Resource Centre, which will we are using to equip pastoralist Christians for responsible and sustainable ministry among their own people. The resource centre seeks to support local church leaders with materials and training opportunities for enhanced skills,  knowledge and understanding of the gospel message and responsibility.

The mission of the Christian Resource Centre is twofold:

  • To provide training that will equip Christians with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that facilitate sound and effective preaching and teaching of the gospel among pastoralists.
  • To provide material support resources for effective preaching and teaching ministries among pastoralists.