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We are happy to have welcomed our new Form 1 students, who joined us on Saturday 11th January.  As always, they come from many parts of the country, ranging from nearby Nyandarua County, to Kakamega in Western Kenya, to Samburu, Marsabit and Isiolo in the north.  They all come from disadvantaged backgrounds and share a desire to further their education with the aim of transforming their lives and those of their family and community.

Their first day here began with an interview, followed by a meeting at which there were introductions from staff, some of the Form 2, 3 and 4 students, the new students and their parents or guardians.

Each new student was then handed over to the care of their minder from Form 2, who would show them around, assist them with their belongings and begin to help them to settle in.  A local tailor is here to make their uniform, though in the meantime many have been lent uniform by the older students.  They are now set to embark on their four years of secondary education, and we wish them great success and happiness.


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