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A warm welcome is what we received when we went to the homes of two of the Form One students.  Last term’s volunteers, Daisy and Ruby, were back with us for a few days and took the chance to visit their sponsored students’ homes.

The two girls live not far from Kisima, so we were able to visit both homes in an afternoon and thereby find out a little bit about the girls’ lives when they are not in school.  Rosejanet’s mother lives on a plot of land owned by a well-wisher and relies on casual work to provide for the family’s basic needs.  Violet’s grandmother farms a small piece of family land and keeps chickens – one of which she kindly gave us as a present.

At each home we were given a hearty meal followed by cups of tea.  Having left Kisima after lunch and arriving back just in time for dinner, there was no chance of going hungry that day!




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