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Last year’s Form Fours achieved another excellent set of results in their KCSE exams.  Eleven students scored an overall grade of A-, twelve a B+, seven a B, four a B- and five a C+.  This means they have all qualified for university and we look forward to hearing in due course about the courses they will be studying.

Their places here at Kisima have been filled by our new Form One students, who arrived at school on Saturday 5th January.  The weather was unseasonably cold and wet, posing a particular challenge to all those students who come from the much hotter parts of the country.  However, the welcome was warm as they met staff and students, including the Form Twos who have each been assigned a new student to look after.

Following an interview to find out more about their backgrounds and a meeting in the hall, their parents and guardians headed off, leaving the newest members of the Kisima community to begin to settle in.  They have since taken some exams, begun their lessons, got involved in sport and clubs and are in the process of being provided with their new uniform.  We wish them all the best for their four years with us.

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