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2016 ended on a triumphant note with the news of our students’ great performance in their K.C.S.E. exams.

The results were announced on 29th December, two months earlier than usual, meaning that the students had only had to wait one month since completing their exams and leaving school.  Our thirty six students achieved the following grades:

Overall grade

Number of students











We had hoped for some A grades, but we are not too disappointed that there are none, given that only 141 students in the whole country achieved this grade!  As a school, we have a mean score of 9.94, which makes this year’s performance the second-highest in Kisima’s nine years of taking the K.C.S.E., just below the 9.97 mean score that was achieved in 2012.  It also makes us the top school in Nyandarua County and the fourth best school in the country!!

For the fourth time, 100% of our students have attained the university entrance grade of C+ and above.  Nationwide, it was only 15% – a major drop from previous years.  As a result, for the first time ever, all our students are assured of direct entry to university with the support of a loan.  The students will hear later this year which courses they have been selected for, and we hope there will be good news for our aspiring doctors, nurses, engineers, pharmacists, economists, teachers, computer scientists and more.

Congratulations to all the students, their teachers and everyone else who has contributed to their success.

Form Fours (1) Form Fours (2) Form Fours (3) Form Fours (4)


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